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Privacy Policy for Ohio We Buy Cars

This page provides you with the Privacy Policy of Ohio We Buy Cars. 

This policy covers the information we track and collect in order to deliver the best service and answer your questions quickly and efficiently. The data we can ask for or track includes your name, location, and information about your computer. 

The rest of this policy aims to explain that collection as well as what we use the information for during your visit.

Collecting Information

Beyond personal information we may also collect your IP address, connected accounts, or set cookies on your machine. These are used to make sure our links, offers, services and accounts are working properly. 

‌None of this information is shared with any other party unless you specifically request it or provide us with authorization. When we do share data, we’ll protect as much personal information as possible and limit sharing to only what our partners would need to contact you or deliver content that you’ll find interesting. 

Protecting Your Data

When it comes to your information, we don’t share anything without your specific permission. 

‌Your information is only provided to partners and companies that we review and you approve, so there are no sales of data to third parties or brands you don’t recognize.

‌Ohio We Buy Cars also takes steps to keep your information safe by utilizing the latest in security technology on our services and servers, plus we restrict employee access to any and all sensitive information.

Say No Once, At Any Time

Your data is always yours to control. When you fill out a form on the Ohio We Buy Cars site or give us information within a service, you’ll often have the option opt-in to sharing. You always will be required to opt-in, we do not use automatic opt-ins. 

‌If you want to restrict what data is being shared, all you have to do is contact us. Ohio We Buy Cars works hard to make your experience enjoyable, so we will always respect your data wishes.

Links and Other Services

The Web is a big place and that means a lot of people may be looking at your information. We can only control the content and operations on our website. 

‌That means that Ohio We Buy Cars cannot guarantee security based on the Web browser, extensions like ad blockers, other websites you have open, or other software running on your computer or phone. 

‌We try to only work with partners who have strict controls over your privacy, but we recommend that you read the policy of any company who you work with or use a service from when browsing the Web.

This Policy Will Change

Ohio We Buy Cars reserves the right to change this policy as necessary. We want to keep up with the latest in security technologies and that may change how we use or process data. We hope to notify you directly whenever a change occurs, but that is not always possible. 

‌Review this page regularly to know what the most current policies are.

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